The Touchpoins in the Shopping Journey

Here to revolutionize the Indian shopping experience is Bidzapp, an online skill-based auction platform that gives you the opportunity to grab your favourite products at incomparable prices. 

On average, it takes upto seven interactions with a brand as a customer, before you make a purchase. Knowing the touchpoints involved in the customer journey and making sure that each of them leads to a good customer experience is integral to Bidzapp. 

Modern “gamification” plays on competitive instincts by changing user behaviour through engagement. Bidzapp, creates a unique user experience where shopping translates to a one of a kind, exciting and engaging experience with a promise of rewards for participation with live bidding on auctions for products of your choice. 


With Bidzapp there is no need to look further  to consider who offers the best prices or most premium products because the answer to both questions is Bidzapp! Simply join live auctions happening daily for a variety of premium products from your favourite brands across several categories. Bidzapp auctions are all about the live bids and the strategy to win. Live bidding in live auctions is thrilling and rewarding!