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Frequently Asked Questions


a. Go through all the Coach Marks/pointers that will help you navigate on the app.
b. Search for products/vouchers you are interested in using the search bar or browse available auctions from the homepage. Pay the entry fee for an auction you are interested in and participate in as many auctions as you’d like.

Products, vouchers and coupons of any kind provided by Bidzapp can not be exchanged for money.

a. We partner only with trusted and authorised sellers that provide authentic products and vouchers.
b. Please see the Customer Testimonials – we have run over a 1000 auctions where the winners have claimed their products successfully and are thrilled!

Bidzapp offers products from a wide range of categories that include physical products like Cars, Bikes, Laptops, Mobiles, Home Appliances and digital vouchers for Fashion, Food Delivery, Groceries etc.

You may find your Bidzy points in the Bidzy Piggy Bank located in the top right hand corner of
the Bidzapp home screen.
Bidzy points can be used towards payments for Auction Entry fees. Bidzy points have a limited
time period and must be used before they expire.


a. Find auctions on the homepage or through the search bar and pay the entry fee.
b. All registered auctions will appear in the ‘Ongoing’ tab under the ‘My Auctions’ page.
c. You will receive notifications informing you of upcoming auctions that you are registered for.
d. Navigate to the ‘Ongoing’ tab under the ‘My Auctions’ page when the auction is about to start.
e. Place bids from the ‘Ongoing’ auctions tab directly or click on the relevant auction and enter the auction page to participate.

Yes, you may wishlist auctions by clicking the heart icon in the top right corner of the auction cards. All wishlisted auctions will be saved to your profile and you may visit them later in case you decide to pay the entry fee and participate in the auction.

a. Each individual entry fee gives you access to the specific auction only.
b. Entry fees are non refundable (unless Bidzapp cancels the auction) and non transferable under any circumstance.
c. In case of auction cancellation, Bidzapp will refund the auction fee.
d. In case of any changes to any auction date or time, you will be informed upto 48 hours prior.
e. Upon payment of an auction entry fee, all users are entitled to participate in unlimited practice auctions.
f. An auction entry fee entitles all users to the same number of bids in the auction.
g. All Bidzapp auctions can be divided into two types – Classic and Regular. For the rules regarding each type of auction, please go through the relevant section under the FAQ’s.
h. You choose when to attempt to bid.
i. Every attempt to bid will reduce your remaining bids by 1.
j. There is a predetermined and limited number of bid windows per auction. This is dependant on the length of the Auction (5 mins – 20 Bid Window; 8 mins – 32 Bid Windows, etc )
k. Bid windows are 15 seconds long only with a 2 second break between each bid window.
l. The final bid window will be preceded by a break of 15 seconds.
m. In case Bidzapp suspects any auction participant of the attempt or use of malpractice, manipulation or use of any technical tools, or use of API, or any automated bidding process, or by mirroring the Bidzapp site or Online Auction to place bids or win an auction, Bidzapp reserves the right to disqualify them from claiming any products or vouchers won and may further disallow the user from participating in any future auction.

a. Please click on the following link to watch the Bidzapp tutorial:
b. You may also visit the website to learn more about Bidzapp.
c. Additionally, you may click on the option titled ‘How Bidzapp works’ from the side menu on the home screen.

Bidzapp is not responsible if you miss an auction that you have paid the entry fee for. Money for the auction entry fee will not be refunded if you miss an auction.

Bidzapp auctions are time based. If you are interrupted from participating in any way, you risk the chance of losing the auction.

Bidzapp does not disclose user details in any way. This includes disclosing how many participants there are in an auction.

All participants of an auction get a fixed number of bids and extra bids cannot be bought.


Yes. You may refer auctions to others by clicking on the share button on the top right corner of an auction card.

Bidzapp offers benefits to users based on the number of unique users who use their referral code during auction entry fee payments.


a. You may use a Credit card, Debit card or any UPI method.
b. You may also use your Bidzy points from your Bidzy piggy bank that last for a limited time.

a. All products or vouchers won must be claimed by the winner by making the payment within 48 hours of the auction closing for that product.
b. For all vouchers auctioned on Bidzapp, the online payment gateway available on the application may be used within the 48 hour time limit from the end of the specific auction.
c. For all other products, the Customer may call the Bidzapp Helpline – 080 73921431 within the 48 hour time period to receive details for payment and delivery.

You must claim your product within the specified time limit given which depends upon the product.

a. The coupon will have an expiry date.
b. If it is unclaimed by the given date, then the coupon will expire and cannot be used.

Products can only be bought if you participate in and win the auction.

Auction entry fees are non refundable (unless Bidzapp cancels the auction) and non transferable under any circumstance.


Bidzapp Auctions are skill based where users need only strategy to win the auction.

a) Users get the same number of bids as there are Bid Window. If there are 20 Bid Windows, users
get 20 Bids.
b) Users can place a bid at any time during the bid window of 15 secs but they need strategy to
decide if they want to bid in every window. (This matters if there is a tie).
c) Only one bid per participant will be accepted in each bid window.

a) The auction ends if there is only ONE person who has bid in a bid window including the final bid window.
b) In the case of a tie, each of the rules are used to determine the winner.
i) the one with least number of bids left ( eg. 0/20) else
ii) if there is a tie, then all the bidders get a chance to bid any amount at which they want the product
iii) highest price wins the product else
iv) The time at which the auction entry fee was paid, the earliest purchase time wins
v) The winner gets the product at the price they bid for it post the tie.