Auctions 2.0 – a retail shopping experience

When it comes to auctions, It has almost always been the case that they were held for second-hand or novelty items but almost never for regular everyday, brand-new products. Auctions have never been the first choice or an established way for retail shopping. Live auctions and bidding for products does not guarantee a shopper the product they want – live bidding is a competition and not everybody wins. The price conscious shopper does not look at auctions as a viable method of buying something – after all, there is no guarantee of getting the product. On top of that, the winner of an auction is always the person who offers to pay the most – which goes against the thinking of the shopper who wants the product at the lowest price possible. In addition, auctions can take a long time to finish – auctions on Ebay can last for days, weeks or even months. This does not work for the shopper who wants to buy the product now.

Bidzapp endeavours to change all these perceptions regarding auctions. Bidzapp offers brand new products on auction for prices that start as low as 30% of MRP. Bidzapp auctions end in just minutes and products on offer range from Food Delivery vouchers to Refrigerators to Motorbikes. Even if you don’t win a Bidzapp auction, you will still get discounts and deals on the brands and products you like – everybody wins on Bidzapp!