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The era of digitization in India

There is no product that represents the growth of technology and the ushering in of an era of digitization in India better than the Smartphone. It is not just about technological growth but also about the increasing accessibility to the advantages of technology across the socioeconomic ladder.

Smartphones symbolize status and ambition in equal regard. The availability of cheap, durable and decently powerful smartphone devices have allowed Indian society to dream of and achieve bigger and better things. But Smartphones can also be expensive and exclusive. Brands like Apple have built devices which offer some of the best user experiences alongside some incredibly powerful technology. The iPhone changed the mobile phone market when it was first released in 2007. Over a decade later, the iPhone still reigns supreme as the pinnacle of Smartphone technology. But it comes with a price; a very hefty price tag. The iPhone is not something that everybody can afford and that is exactly what makes it one of the most desirable products in the market. Everybody wants an iPhone because not everybody has an iPhone!

Bidzapp aims to take such exclusive and desirable products and make them more affordable. A revolution in the shopping experience also comes with a revamp of product pricing! Get the newest iPhones – more precisely the iPhone 13 – for up to 30% off MRP. Brand new products can be bought for amazing prices only on Bidzapp! Don’t just dream of getting these products, Just Bidzapp them!

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Auctions 2.0 – a retail shopping experience

When it comes to auctions, It has almost always been the case that they were held for second-hand or novelty items but almost never for regular everyday, brand-new products. Auctions have never been the first choice or an established way for retail shopping. Live auctions and bidding for products does not guarantee a shopper the product they want – live bidding is a competition and not everybody wins. The price conscious shopper does not look at auctions as a viable method of buying something – after all, there is no guarantee of getting the product. On top of that, the winner of an auction is always the person who offers to pay the most – which goes against the thinking of the shopper who wants the product at the lowest price possible. In addition, auctions can take a long time to finish – auctions on Ebay can last for days, weeks or even months. This does not work for the shopper who wants to buy the product now.

Bidzapp endeavours to change all these perceptions regarding auctions. Bidzapp offers brand new products on auction for prices that start as low as 30% of MRP. Bidzapp auctions end in just minutes and products on offer range from Food Delivery vouchers to Refrigerators to Motorbikes. Even if you don’t win a Bidzapp auction, you will still get discounts and deals on the brands and products you like – everybody wins on Bidzapp!

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The New Way of Shopping – Bidzapp

It started out when you could just walk to the local market and buy what you want from local vendors. If the vendors did not have what you want then you were out of luck. Then came the Supermarkets – where anything and everything you could imagine became available and all for amazing discounts and low prices. There was no doubt that Supermarkets offered the best value for products. After Supermarkets came the internet – which offered even more variety and even lower prices, discounts and deals. But with all this choice for the regular shopper comes a question – Where can I find the best deals, discounts, lowest prices and best value for high quality products? The answer is Bidzapp!

Don’t stress yourself out with all this research into where you can find the best price for all your favourite products – simply Bidzapp before buying! Experience a new way to shop with Bidzapp – a new auction experience that is as thrilling as it is rewarding!

Traditional auctions have been boring, taking several hours, sometimes even days and where you are unsure about the sellers. But Bidzapp changes the auction experience – fast paced, fun, and rewarding auctions. In Bidzapp auctions you can get up to 80% off. All Bidzapp auction participants start with the same number of bids and all Bidzapp auctions are limited time. From Digital vouchers to Electronics to Home Appliances – Bidzapp has it all! Choose from only the most premium Brands like Swiggy, Domino’s, Big Basket, Big Bazaar, HPCL, Nykaa, Myntra, Samsung, Sony, Oppo, OnePlus, IFB, PayTM and more!

It’s a new revolution in shopping – discover the best brands and best prices, all only on Bidzapp! Let go of the stress of shopping research and simply become a Bidzapper today!

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Are Auctions Redefining the Shopping Experience?

If someone said that Bidding for a product could be the new way of confining the customer journey from awareness to purchase in a single step, with the ‘Best-in-Market’ price for all products listed, it would be mind- boggling to digest, considering the prevalence of E-Commerce platforms in assisting the ‘What we Buy, When do we buy, How do we buy, & Where do we buy from’ . 

The bias in our head currently skews towards the belief that whatever is on offer at some of the leading E-commerce platforms is the best deal out there, it gives us the sigh of relief that disruption in terms of Price is at it’s optimal, and we draw comparatives to choose the one with the deeper discounts.

Bidzapp, a skill-based auction platform, with a gamified auction mechanism at the heart of it’s product, plans to offer a Value Proposition that would encourage the behaviour of the E-commerce consumers to have fun while shopping, and win products at upto 80% off on a daily basis through participating in the listed auctions, along with a promise of a reward every time you participate.

How does that make sense? If one could get products ranging from E-Gift Vouchers from some of the leading brands of our country such as Swiggy, Big Basket, Nykaa, HPCL, Nike, Decathlon, PayTm, PhonePe etc. to a wide range of Mobile Phones, TV’s, Laptops, other electronics & appliances, even going upto a Hyundai i20, TVS, Bike or a Honda Activa for Prices starting from as low as 20% of MRP. ‘THEY MUST BE USED’ – that’s what some will say. The simple answer to that is, Bidzapp only auctions BRAND NEW PRODUCTS & SERVICES from Brands or Authorised Sellers.

The last piece of the puzzle which could aggravate the change in customer behaviour is the time-span of auctions on Bidzapp, which are for a limited duration, ranging from 5-20 mins. To put things in perspective, You Download the App, Pay a minimal Entry Fee to participate in an auction of your choice, Play the Auction, and win an E-gift Voucher, a Mobile Phone, or a TVS Bike in the span of 30 minutes. 

This disruption in the Customer shopping behaviour is slated to create an opportunity and fill a void in the current market, and auctions as a mechanism which could be considered as the gold standard for shopping, rather than being known for buying players in Sports, or getting Art collectibles.

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The Touchpoins in the Shopping Journey

Here to revolutionize the Indian shopping experience is Bidzapp, an online skill-based auction platform that gives you the opportunity to grab your favourite products at incomparable prices. 

On average, it takes upto seven interactions with a brand as a customer, before you make a purchase. Knowing the touchpoints involved in the customer journey and making sure that each of them leads to a good customer experience is integral to Bidzapp. 

Modern “gamification” plays on competitive instincts by changing user behaviour through engagement. Bidzapp, creates a unique user experience where shopping translates to a one of a kind, exciting and engaging experience with a promise of rewards for participation with live bidding on auctions for products of your choice. 


With Bidzapp there is no need to look further  to consider who offers the best prices or most premium products because the answer to both questions is Bidzapp! Simply join live auctions happening daily for a variety of premium products from your favourite brands across several categories. Bidzapp auctions are all about the live bids and the strategy to win. Live bidding in live auctions is thrilling and rewarding!